Geometric Correction: Page Curl

The page curl process aims to correct image distortions that are observed in document images due to the form of printed material (e.g. bounded volumes), the camera setup or environmental conditions (e.g. humidity that causes page shrinking). At a first step, a coarse page curl is accomplished with the help of a transformation model which maps the projection of a curved surface to a 2D rectangular area. At a second step, fine dewarping is achieved based on words detection. We present the output of page curl process (Dew_1_Output.tif, Dew_2_Output.tif, Dew_3_Output.tif) when starting from images that have been already binarized and black borders have been removed (Dew_1_Input.tif, Dew_2_Input.tif, Dew_3_Input.tif).




Dew Input 1
Dew Output 1
Dew Input 2
Dew Output 2
Dew Input 3
Dew Output 3