The Sub-Projects Text Recogniton (TR) and Enhancement & Enrichment (EE) are responsible for developing the technical tools of the IMPACT project. IMPACT tools are software components which are being developed by different technical IMPACT partners. Generally, a “tool” is a piece of software which operates on image or text data modifying the data or extracting information from it. Within IMPACT, every tool has a specific functionality related to OCR, to the the pre- and post-processing stages.
For a list of tools and content to be delivered and how these are embedded in the workflow, please go to the Tools page.




Interoperability Framework

The development of the tools is guided by the IMPACT Interoperability Framework (IIF). The IIF specifies standards and protocols enabling the interoperability of software components (tools) and content developed within the IMPACT project. Furthermore, it defines the interoperability layer and demonstrator platform supporting the loose coupling of the tools made available through web services.



The aim of the research part of the project is to build and test new and innovative concepts, not to develop ready-to-market products. This means that tools within IMPACT will be made available as prototypes and proof of concept implementations. The amount of time and effort needed to implement them in a digitisation workflow varies; some will be ready to be directly integrated in a few steps; others will need after-project involvement of an interested industry partner to bring it to market.  However, all tools are built in such a way that the benefit can be demonstrated using a defined set of samples (see Strategic tools - demonstration).