A set of Decision Support Tools that can be used to initiate, organise, manage and cost mass digitisation projects.

A learning resource toolbox will contain operational guidelines, providing guidance on real world implementation of all tools produced within the project.

Training and support: an established Help Desk system that will broker end-user requests to project partners and to other digitisation centres of competence. An established training programme dealing with large-scale digitisation issues and technologies, with a range of supporting documentation made available through the project website.

Demonstration: early in 2010, the project will launch the demonstration of project results. All tools and content will be made available as web services.The libraries in the project have supplied datasets with representative types of material, such as low-quality scans, historical languages, scripts that use diacritics, and gothic font types. Through the demonstrator platform on the website, the IMPACT tools and linguistic resources will be demonstrated on this material, as they become available.