Tuesday 12. July 2011 / Age: 9 yrs

BL Demo Day: presentations now available on the blog


By: Ed Bremner

The latest IMPACT Demo Day was held on the 12th of July at the British Library. The invited audience of around 40 people consisted of BL staff and attendees from other institutes and companies interested in mass digitisation. The presentations given at this day were focused on the BL experiences of the IMPACT project.

After an introductory talk by Aly Conteh and a talk by Neil Fitzgerald on the IMPACT Learning Resources, the rest of the day was structured like a digitisation workflow (Image Enhancement > OCR > Lexical Tools > Post-processing > Evaluation Framework).

The day was amplified through the IMPACT Wordpress blog where you can now find all presentations, pictures and summaries of talks and also by Twitter using the hashtag: #impactdemo.