IMPACT Conference 2009

OCR in Mass Digitisation

Challenges between Full Text, Imaging and Language


On 6 and 7 April 2009 the IMPACT project organised a conference on OCR in Mass Digitisation, at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB – National Library of the Netherlands) in The Hague.

This conference was focused on exchanging views with other researchers and suppliers in the OCR field, as well as presenting some preliminary results from the first year of the IMPACT project.



  • Monday 6 April 2009: Current and future challenges facing OCR technology, such as image enhancement and linguistic issues that come up when digitising historical text material.

  • Tuesday 7 April 2009: New advances in OCR technology, such as collaborative correction and adaptive OCR techniques, a possible way forward for future large-scale digitisation programmes.

Both days featured key speakers from outside of the project, in addition to experts from the IMPACT consortium. Full programme.


Presentations and proceedings
The presentations that were given during the IMPACT Conference are available from this page, together with a document 
summarising the conference proceedings and pictures of the event.