IMPACT Project Architecture

To reach these goals, the IMPACT consortium will work for four years, following a work plan structured into four Sub-projects:  

Operational Context (SP OC)
This Sub-Project provides the foundations for the IMPACT project. 
It will guide the direction of the project by representing the institutional view of mass-digitisation in terms of requirements, documentation of workflows and metrics for evaluation. It will also ensure the interoperability of the discrete results from all parts of the project.

Text Recognition (SP TR)
This Sub-Project develops improved OCR technology for historical texts
It brings together five research-oriented work packages concerned with the extraction of text in a digital form from the printed page. It will pursue short and longer term goals in improving OCR technologies, techniques for image enhancement and exploitation of linguistic knowledge.

Enhancement & Enrichment (SP EE)
This Sub-Project makes the OCR results more accurate and more accessible
It includes work on collaborative correction, descriptions of physical and logical structure of material and the use of historical and contemporary language lexica and named entities as ways of improving OCR performance and accessibility.

Capacity Building (SP CB)
This Sub-Project stimulates and supports the uptake of the IMPACT results
Outputs include a help desk and website and a dual-strand training initiative of work-placements and a vocational qualification. The project results will be packaged to a consistently high standard suitable for publication to the target audience.