Meet the people

Below you will find short videos of IMPACT Sub-Project and Work Package leaders, who each introduce their institution and specific work in the project. They are:

  • Hildelies Balk (KB National library of the Netherlands) introducing the IMPACT challenges, the project, the consortium and looking towards the future - also in Dutch
  • Lieke Ploeger (KB National library of the Netherlands) on the IMPACT Project Office and dissemination - also in Dutch
  • Aly Conteh (British Library) on Operational Context
  • Günter Mühlberger (University of Innsbruck) on Text Recognition - also in German
  • Max Kaiser (Austrian National Library) on Enhancement & Enrichment - also in German
  • Michael Day (University of Bath) on Capacity Building
  • Apostolos Antonacopoulos (University of Salford) on image enhancement
  • Basilis Gatos (NCSR Demokritos) on segmentation - also in Greek
  • Clemens Neudecker (KB National library of the Netherlands) on the interoperability framework - also in German
  • Eugene Walach (IBM) on adaptive OCR and collaborative correction - also in Hebrew
  • Jeanna Nikolov-Ramirez (Austrian National Library) on showcases and demonstrators
  • Katrien Depuydt (Institute for Dutch Lexicology) on historical lexica - in Dutch
  • Neil Fitzgerald (British Library) on decision support tools and operational guidelines


All videos can also be viewed through the IMPACT Youtube channel.